Pixie Gold

Pixie Gold is a rush not to be missed
About the slot
Players will be smitten at first glance of Pixie Gold and for good reason. The colours and the design screamed “play me” as the vast number of apparent reels beckoned you to not only enjoy the game, but to also look forward to the rewards of my efforts. Although this slot is not unlike another offering by Lightning box, presenting a fantasy-styled theme and similar win and bonus features that is not a reason to stay away from this game.

The designer of this game has not made understanding what is going on it very clear, but they have made up for that with the massive quantities of win chances which includes multipliers up to 50 times. Regardless of the game display schematics, this game is really an industry standard five-reel online slot game. One may get befuddled by the four larger inside reels and the two flanking on either side presenting what a player would believe are eight reels. Remember that there is no reason to stay away, because this game provides rewarding opportunities across all reels.

Reel Fun
The inside four reels are actually only one reel known as the reelfecta. So if a player lands images of value on the first and third columns and only one in the central 4, you are awarded with three of a kind. However, this is multiplied by the appearance of other valued symbols on the other reels in that reelfecta 4 columns.

For players to receive the other combinations of 4 and five in kind, the remaining columns following the reelfecta verticals must also show the same icons.

The goal is simple. Gather as many symbols as you can in the central four, which is really one big column with sixteen opportunities to do so, then fill the outer four with the same to increase your win.

What and how to win BIG
The wagering range is set from one cent to two coin credits for each of the lines. Although there are no visible pay-out lines the winning placement of the valued symbols act s just this in their stead. So there is a multiplied value added to each line to enhance the amount of the players bet, which can reach 50.

Each icon has its own worth in multiplier heaven. These range from 10 to 50 for three like symbols; 15 to 100 for four and 50 to 250 for five. With the king providing the grandest of all the symbols.

The game completes this rewarding opportunity bonanza with bonuses of spins and almost 1300 ways to win.

Pixie Gold is a game that not only delivers on a playability level, but also on a design and win level. Although the rewards are not the highest in the industry, it is the amount of chances a player receives that makes this another must-play game.

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