Golden Money Frog

Golden Money Frog is a rewarding zen pool

About the slot
With so many themes regarding the lore of Chinese tranquillity you wouldn’t think there would be room for many more. But you would be wrong. Here comes Microgamings treat, that provides the docile yet slot-enjoyment that is under the radar. Yes, it is a tip of the hat to the games of yesterday and of course the thematic reference to the chines culture is undeniable, but that does not put this game at a disadvantage at all.

Here is a game that with its subtle but well-appointed graphics reaches out from the vintage category and applies to the player win chances that this game developer has come to be known for. Regarding the theme there isn’t much to add except for the peaceful display that surrounds this game. The attraction is left for the simple interface and rewarding returns one encounters in the zen-like garden of treasure.

There is good fortune and a mythology that invites players to get enthralled in this classic online slot game that is chalked full of bonuses and combinations sure to please. The Golden Frog is the ticket to wins and the symbols along the way are there to assist you in reaching awaiting treasures.

The features are pretty standard except for the large Tortuga gracing the reels. The design is an industry average of five and three and offers 20 lines of pay. The music is pleasing as images of yin and yang koi grace the display. There is also the Chinese currency and the luck providing lotus blossom also bestowing peace.

There is a progressive jackpot that is sure to keep players interested for some time and will make it worth a return. The pond adds a special flavour providing bonus awards that multiply the players’ stake.

Golden Money Frog also features upon the payout lines and upgrade that will grow from thirty to fifty. The money pond bonus with added multiplier ranges from 10 times the payout up to 125 the payout. The goal of the frog is to make it across the pond accumulating bonuses, but if the symbol fails to make it the game will end.

Although the graphics are a bit mundane there is a certain under the surface lure to this Microgaming offering. Golden Money Frog should be enjoyed by not only the free interested novice, but with the win opportunities it should be played by even the boldest of gamers. The playability of this game is the most appealing characteristic and the payout opportunities enhance the attraction to this low key game.

For other games featuring characteristics desired by the bolder gamers be sure to check out the long list of free and for money games available by this developer.

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