Clash of Titans

About the slot
Here is another Greek addition to the online slot gaming world. The inspiration is the movie of like title, Clash of the Titans where the Gods of yore battle humans for supremacy. The iconic characters of this game such as Perseus, an oversized octopus, the giant and a scorpion among others are offered providing the authenticity of the era. These are joined by the basic symbols of the face valued cards in the image of the letters and denominations jack, queen, king and the ace.

The ambiance of the game is enhanced with the sounds of war cries as the reels’ spin, but are changed to a merrier tune upon winning. The graphics are well done and the gameplay is pleasing.

Ways to Win
The wild symbol is Perseus and when the display is adorned with five the win increases to ten thousand times the placed bet. Five reels joined by three rows are available for bets from five cents to five euros per line. Fortune favours the bold and if fortune is your goal, you should bet big. Even as little as 5 cents can garner a player up to 500 euros so there are abounding opportunities with every bet. With a much riskier wager of 5 euro a player can walk away with a mind-blowing 50.000 euros. It is important to note that this will only come by playing all of the twenty paylines.

A scatter feature gives players additional spins at least three are displayed across the any of the columns. 12 turns of the reels are awarded for these three scatters and winnings gathered during the free spin rounds are multiplied by three.

You can look at the pay table to understand the combinations for winning and the amount of pay that comes with the. There is also a feature for auto play that allows you to select the amount of spins desired and let the game do the rest of the work. The player can set from as low as ten and as high as seventy-five spins.

The winning combinations total 39 and are as follows: two wilds will double you bet and five wilds will increase your bet by 100 times

Game graphics and mechanics are perfect. The theme, although used quite often in the igaming industry, is yet timeless and elicits a sense of adventurous fortune hunting. The aura of the game complete with the sounds of war produced screams unites the player for fortune with a story of destruction.

The most appealing characteristic of this game is the possibilities to win a great deal of money. Sure, this game is offered for free online and you should not hesitate to play it, but for those who want a little more action that goes hand and hand with the Clash of the Titans a visit to an online casino.

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